Only Reason Why People Fail In Online Business…

Hey guys what’s going on it’s Hammad with another article. And today I’m gonna talk about the number one reason that people with online businesses fail.

And this is kind of a foolproof reason. This is what I see time and time again, so I want to cover it in this article. So first things first, I really hope you guys appreciated the last article that was about how to earn money online.

Failure and not really understanding, because you haven’t seen for yourself that when you put in the hard work. It really does pay off.

I see this time and time again over the last few years people reaching out to me, And even with myself, in the beginning, is that you don’t trust yourself in order to really make this work.

You have to put in a lot of work and especially upfront and you’re not getting paid for this work upfront so a lot Of people quit after a week or two weeks or a month. They just get tired of it. It’s a lot of work And yes, it is a lot of labor.

But if this were easy everyone would be doing it and that’s the thing the people that actually stick around and they follow through these Are the students that reach out to me a year later and say oh my god this works.

So my number one piece of advice is if you’re new to online business print-on-demand. Anything online basically any internet marketing if you want to have an online business you just have to trust yourself.

I will give you the best information that I possibly can through this blog to try to give you shortcuts so you don’t have to learn how I did over the course of years.

You can start an online business, or you’re gonna make a lot of money quickly. It’s just not true. Either one. They’re trying to sell you something or two. They haven’t been able to do it themselves because I can tell you wholeheartedly getting rich is hard. It takes a lot of work.

But that’s the thing is if you keep showing up and you keep working towards it you keep putting out a new post you keep.

Making a new design for print-on-demand whatever it is. You catch a cold and you keep working towards it in ways where you don’t have to film a video.

But you can work behind the scenes answering questions. Just keep making progress. It doesn’t have to be big jumps. Small progress towards your goal stay committed trust yourself and you will achieve what you’re trying to achieve.

I just need to sit a sip of this green get healthy juice here with an online business. You’re the only person you can blame so that’s kind of the beauty of it.

It’s a blessing and a curse typically at work. If something goes wrong. Someone does something else you can kind of put that blames off on them because they did it wrong in online business.

Everything you do is you so if it’s not working that’s because of you. It’s not because of the customers. So you have to reevaluate what you’re doing until it works.

Maybe there’s something slightly wrong with the wording or the buttons in the wrong place. It could be the smallest things. But it takes the experience of seeing when people aren’t buying that means you’re doing something wrong.

You change it on your end. And then they start to buy and they start to convert that works. Then you keep going until you run into the next area.

I’ll have more content coming out for you guys. But coming soon. Alright. See you guys.

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